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MISGUIDED BEHAVIOR, Theatrical Film Trailer
Freeman White III

MISGUIDED BEHAVIOR, Theatrical Film Trailer

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Freeman White III


Freeman White III is an award-winning DP, director, producer, editor, actor, and FAA certified Drone Pilot whose talent and determination have made him one of the most innovative and unique visual storytellers in LA. He produced his first independent feature film Mercy Street (shot on film) in 1996 working side by side with the legendary camera operator Dustin Blauvelt.  Freeman has had a long and successful carrier creating visuals for films, music videos, commercials, multi-cam concerts, and tv shows. His client list includes such notables as GOOGLE, SONY, AMAZON, CORRIDOR DIGITAL, DJI, NFL, ZAPPOS, YUNEEC, WESLEY SNIPES, ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, JIMMY IOVINE, JAMMY FOXX, WILL SMITH, BOOKEEM WOODBINE, BLAIR UNDERWOOD, CEDRIC THE ENTERTAINER, UPN, WARNER MUSIC, E TV, BET AND UNIVERSAL to name a few. 

Freeman attended the University of Nebraska where he played football and majored in Horticulture. During that time he began experimenting with film and video projects and fell in love with visual storytelling and it’s tools. Freeman’s imagination and impressive creative portfolio garnered him an invitation to New York to work at Ozone Entertainment. The recipe was a few musicians, music producers and engineers, and one young filmmaker. Ozone was underground film and music production in one 2,000 square foot loft on Peal St. on the southern tip of Manhattan, NYC.  It was there in 1994 that Freeman met the person that would recognize his talent and give him a chance to shine, Wesley Snipes.  “Meeting Wesley and learning film from his perspective was one of the biggest blessings in my life and makes my experience very different from most.” He started as a PA but over time worked his way up through the ranks and became Manager of Operations for Amen Ra Films. During this time he continuously worked at his craft as Director of Photography on commercials, Music Videos, and short films. His position at Amen Ra Films provided him the opportunity to work with big-budget DP’s on studio productions which connected his access to the right gear with the knowledge of how to utilize it. “I'm very grateful to my brother Wesley Snipes and Amen Ra Films, as well as Robbi Reed and their teams for laying down the foundation for what type of filmmaker I am today.” Freeman’s contribution at Amen Ra included the design and building of The World Talent Showcase Studio Hollywood, the production of the films Meter Maid and Nature Boy and the design and build of Amen Ra Films offices in New York and LA. It was in LA where he was given the opportunity to build a studio from the ground up. “We started with Wesley’s idea for a boutique all-media studio that had everything you needed all in one place and could live stream. It was a new concept at that time. We wanted to change that paradigm, and we did, with great success.”  Freeman took advantage of access to the best film and digital camera packages by utilizing them to master cinema storytelling technics and styles. His abilities were recognized by Zappo’s CEO Tony Hsieh who recruited Freeman to design/build and manage an all media studio in Downtown Las Vegas as well as visually capture the story of his 350 million dollar Downtown Project investment. He spent 4 years in Las Vegas DP’ing Directing, Producing, Editing and building a business and now has returned to Los Angeles to continue his passion, filmmaking.  

In 2015 Freeman experienced his longtime dream of attending the Cannes film festival with the film he produced 513 Degrees. 

Freeman is a DP, Director, Producer, Editor, Actor and FAA Certified Cinema Drone Pilot

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